Fire Control Unit, Mini, Single Solenoid (Discontinued)

Fire Control Unit, Mini, Single Solenoid (Discontinued)

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The Mini FCU is a great option if you are working within the constraints of a compact replica or a compact budget. This FCU is designed specifically for use with single-solenoid HPA systems such as the JACK and F1 and does not support dual solenoid systems. Because of this, the FCU does not require the additional components to drive a second solenoid which allowed the footprint of the FCU to be reduced drastically as well as being less expensive to produce.

Compared to the standard Classic FCU, the Mini FCU is extremely compact and much easier to fit into the confines of of a replica and is even small enough to be housed within the gearbox. Because it no longer has the LCD screen or joystick you will use trigger logic to adjust your settings similar to how you would program a MOSFET on an AEG.

Aside from its compact size, the Mini FCU also has another thing going for it and that is efficiency. New voltage regulators allow for extremely low power consumption in sleep mode. Drawing under 28uA while idle, the Mini FCU is over 300 times more efficient than the original standard FCU and can operate in sleep mode for close to one year on a small 250mAh pack.

This FCU has a integral Motor Control Unit (MCU) which allows it to run a box magazine and is also able to support 4 position selectors. In order to make setup as easy as possible the MCU output port can be used with either a box mag or optional speaker to provide feedback during programming.

  • Ultra compact 1.5" x 0.5" footprint.
  • Integral Motor Control Unit (MCU).
  • Extremely energy efficient.
  • Only compatible with Single-Solenoid HPA systems.