Filtered QD Fitting

Filtered QD Fitting

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Protect your HPA investment with the PolarStar Filtered QD Fitting.


Flow & Filtration: Our Filtered QD Fitting ensures that your HPA system receives only clean gas free from any particles that would be large enough to cause leaks or poor performance. The 80 micron filter element removes particles as small as the diameter of a human hair (0.003"), protecting the seals and solenoids. The conical shape provides a larger surface area compared to a disc filter in order to maintain flow.

Quick Disconnect Compatibility: The PolarStar Filtered QD Fitting is compatible with the industry standard Foster 2-Series connectors that are also used on PolarStar regulators and air lines.

Durable Construction: Machined from corrosion resistant stainless steel, the QD Fitting body is designed for demanding environments.

Easy Installation: The fitting is easily installed by press fitting into the standard 6mm Nylon tubing used across all PolarStar HPA systems.

Simple Maintenance: The filter element can be cleaned and reused. If necessary, it is easily replaceable.

The PolarStar Filtered QD Fitting is also available for crimped 3/16" ID hose for OEM applications.