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Gas Stock Adapter, JAG Arms Scattergun

Gas Stock Adapter, JAG Arms Scattergun

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This Gas Stock Adapter allows you to configure your JAG Arms Scattergun with our CGS air system so the gun can be converted to run off of 12g or 33g CO2 instead of green gas. The adapter has metric threads on one side to interface with the original JAG Scattergun buffer tube socket and a TM spec stock tail on the other to interface with the Type 2 CGS.

Aside from being able to use CO2 with your Scattergun, another great benefit to configuring your Scattergun with the CGS is that the air system has an internal regulator. This not only allows you to adjust the velocity of the shotgun but it also keeps the velocity more consistent and prevents spikes in velocity due to increases in ambient temperature.

  • Compatible with JAG Scatterguns equipped with buffer tubes (TS, SP, SPX, SPX2).
  • For use with Type 2 CGS air systems.
  • Allows for adjustable velocity using the CGS (approx. 200fps - 400fps w/ .2g)
  • Average shot count; ~90 w/ 12g, ~250 w/ 33g @ 1.13J w/ .2g