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90 Degree Elbow, 6mm Barb (Male/Male)

90 Degree Elbow, 6mm Barb (Male/Male)

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In the majority of installs your system's air line can be routed through the gearbox without issue, but in some cases you might find that the line can not bend at the radius needed to exit the gearbox without kinking. This is generally due to heavy reinforcement in the cast gearbox shell around the spur gear which occupies the area needed for the air line.

This fitting comes in handy for such cases as it allows the line to be redirected 90 degrees without affecting flow. Use of the fitting typically eliminates or greatly reduces modifications needed to the gearbox to accommodate the air line.

  • Male to Male barb fitting fits standard 6mm air line.
  • Measures 0.605" x 0.770" and 0.435" wide.