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Complete O-Ring Set, Fusion Engine (All Models)

Complete O-Ring Set, Fusion Engine (All Models)

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Complete o-ring set for all models and generations of the Fusion Engine.

(All o-rings are 70 durometer with the exception of the poppet base which is 90 durometer.)

1x 011 (Buna 90) - Poppet Base
1x 015-70 (Buna 70) - Poppet Sail (Prior to July 2015)
1x M2.0 x 19.0 (Buna 70) - Poppet Retainer, Rev0
2x M1.5 x 15.0 (Buna 70) - Poppet Sail / Poppet Seat, R02A
1x 011 (Buna 70) - Center Cylinder / Poppet Seat ID
1x 013 (Buna 70) - Front Cylinder
4x M1.0 x 2.5 (Buna 70) - Manifold
1x 014 (Buna 70) - Nozzle OD
1x M1.5 x 7.0 (Buna 70) - Nozzle ID