Fusion Engine™ Nozzles

Fusion Engine™ Nozzles

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The air nozzles for the Fusion Engine come in up to 6 different colors which identify how much the nozzle restricts air flow out of the engine. This starts at the Green nozzle which has the most restrictive bore with the least amount of flow, and goes up in increments to the Red nozzle which is the highest flowing.

The Fusion Engine has an approximate 60 - 100fps window of adjustment depending on the barrel length being used. This is accomplished by adjusting your regulator output pressure within the 80 - 120psi operating range of the engine. Changing the nozzle allows you to shift the velocity range of your rifle up or down in large increments while remaining in the operating pressure range of the engine.

Nozzles are easy to install and typically take less than 5 minutes to change out on most models from start to finish. Each nozzle is machined from aluminum and is anodized for increased durability.

The following velocities are with a .20g BB using a stock 6.05mm VFC barrel at 120psi. Velocity will change depending on the length and bore size of the barrel as well as the quality of the air seal to the hop-up bucking so results may vary.  

CQB (275mm) = 313fps, Carbine (380mm) = 325fps, Rifle (509mm) = 363fps

CQB (275mm) = 350fps, Carbine (380mm) = 366fps, Rifle (509mm) = 400fps

CQB (275mm) = 380fps, Carbine (380mm) = 405fps, Rifle (509mm) = 435fps

CQB (275mm) = 423fps, Carbine (380mm) = 457fps, Rifle (509mm) = 476fps

CQB (275mm) = 446fps, Carbine (380mm) = 494fps, Rifle (509mm) = 514fps

CQB (275mm) = 500fps, Carbine (380mm) = 550fps, Rifle (509mm) = 590fps