Micro Reg GEN2 Blemished
Micro Reg GEN2 Blemished

Micro Reg GEN2 Blemished

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We have a limited number of blemished Micro Reg Gen 2's at a discounted price.

During each production run there are always some parts which do not pass QC inspections. In some cases these parts are dimensionally out of tolerance and unusable so they are scrapped for recycling. In other cases the parts are completely functional but have minor defects in "Class A" surfaces.

These blemished products are factory-new but built with one or more parts which did not pass the visual QC inspection. In most cases this is due to defects in anodizing, off-color anodizing, small scratches/dents, machine tool marks or engraving errors. These blemishes are purely cosmetic and do not affect function or performance. Additionally, all blemish systems carry the same warranty as the standard version of the product.

Below are some examples of these blemished systems.


Damaged Gauge Crystal (Gauge is 100% Functional)





Engraving Error


When the original Micro Regulator™ came out it was an instant hit since it was ultra compact yet offered the performance of regulators twice its size. With the introduction of the second generation of this regulator, we've simplified manufacturing and ease of maintenance while retaining its compact footprint. With the regulator body coming it at just 0.006" taller than the original, the Micro Reg™ GEN2 stands a hair over 2.25" tall which makes the entire regulator more compact than a traditional UFA. Thanks to this streamline, low-profile design it allows tanks to fit more easily into compact packs popular with minimalist loadouts. This is all done without sacrificing performance as well since this tiny regulator has a lightning fast recharge rate that is on par with its larger brother the MRS™.

The Micro Reg™ GEN2 now shares the exact same internal components as the UGS™ and CGS™ and only has a total of two o-rings in its entire assembly which further promote reliability. Additionally, the GEN2 now has a two piece body similar to the large MRS™ making it much easier to maintain.

  • Adjustable output pressure from 40psi to 130psi (standard configuration).
  • Optional High Pressure Spring boots maximum pressure to ~200psi.
  • Integral tournament lock can be secured with a standard zip-tie.
  • Compatible with standard HPA as well as SLP tanks.
  • HP Spring Not Included*

Min Output Pressure 40 PSI
Max Output Pressure 130 PSI  (~200 PSI with HP Spring, p/n 10000692)*
Max Input Pressure 900 PSI
Outputs 2x 1/8 NPT
Warranty Information 1 Year Limited Warranty

**Available as "Air Rigs" or stand alone "Regulators". The Air Rig includes the regulator, air line and male QD fitting assembly which is everything required to connect one of our HPA engines to an HPA tank. The regulator is just the regulator part of the air rig and requires an air line and QD fitting to be purchased separately if not already in your possession.