Fusion Engine Standard Poppet, Black

Fusion Engine Standard Poppet, Black

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The Poppet Valve is the part which controls airflow through the Fusion Engine™. The valve is available in different levels of restriction to limit or maximum airflow down the barrel which promotes either higher air efficiency or higher velocity, depending on which valve you go with.

The Black Poppet valve is the highest flowing valve available for the Fusion Engine™ and is the valve which that engine comes with as standard. This valve gives you the widest range of velocity adjustment by simply changing out the nozzle to shift the velocity range of your rifle up or down in large increments.


1x M2.0 x 19.0 (Buna 70) - Poppet Retainer
1x M1.5 x 15.0 (Buna 70) - Poppet Sail
1x 011 (Buna 70) - Poppet Seat
1x 011 (Buna 90) - Poppet Base