Switchboard Kit, VFC HK417/G28 Series

Switchboard Kit, VFC HK417/G28 Series

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This switchboard was designed specifically for use in VFC HK417 and G28 series gearboxes. The top of the board is designed to lock into the spur gear pocket in the gearbox and is secured by the delrin pin which locks into the spur gear bushings. The spring keeps pressure against the board when the gearbox is assembled to hold it in place.

There are three 2-pin headers and one 5-pin header on the plugboard. The 5-pin labeled J1 is for the main wiring harness. The 2-pin headers are labeled J2 through J4.

J2 = Trigger, J3 = Poppet, Nozzle = J4

  • Compatible with AEG gearbox conversion kits such as the F2, F1 and JACK.
  • Includes Board, Post, Spring and 6" Trigger Leads.
  • Not compatible with Fusion Engine.